Be in “The 50”!

The 4-C TAH is looking for great teachers–50, to be specific. These 50 teachers will receive the following benefits:

    • Teaching resources and strategies,
    • Free professional development,
    • Special events and trips focused on American history,
    • American history lesson plans, and
    • Measurement of their students’ academic progress in History.

Download the flyer and post it in your schools.

Do you want to be in “the 50”? For more information, contact the TAH office at or by phone at 505-603-3411.

If you’re ready to sign up now, GO HERE and sign up online!

Specific Details

How you will get information: Each month, members of “the 50” will receive a 4-C TAH newsletter with news and information about teaching American history. Additionally, they will receive direct e-mails and phone calls describing special events, trips, and professional development to enhance their ability to teach Americn history.

Chautauquas: We have planned 7 Chautauquas for the school year. Members of “the 50” are expected to attend 4 of the 7 events. Each Chautauqua is hosted on a Friday evening and lasts about 1 – 1.5 hours. The  Chautauqua topics were chosen based on participant interest and need, ensuring high-impact, high-interest professional development events. See the schedule of Chautauquas here.

Trips: The 4-C TAH will host 2 or more guided trips to explore areas related to New Mexico History. For example, last year, we scheduled a trip to Chaco Canyon, and this year, we’re planning a trip that features events at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque, Las Golondrinas, and historical Santa Fe sites, including a presentation by the New Mexico State Historian!

Academic Progress: A critical element of the 4-C TAH project is changes in teaching and learning. We can help you measure changes in your students’ knowledge of history and changes in your approaches to teaching history. With the workshops, events, Chautauquas, and other services, we will help you improve student academic achievement.

Seminars/institutes: Also based on the interest survey, we will schedule 2 seminars on American History. The seminars will feature an indepth exploration of a significant period in American history. For example, in school year 2011-2012, we hosted a seminar on the Progressive Age. The seminars are typically 1.5 days (all day Friday seminar, half day Saturday workshop for incorporating new information in instruction).

If you’re serious about improving your students’ understanding of American history, and if you’re serious about improving your ability to teach American history, join “the 50”!

For more information, contact the 4-C TAH office at or by phone at 505-603-3411.

If you’re ready to sign up now, GO HERE and sign up online!

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