TAH Goes to Richmond

A very interesting 3-part day. The drive to Richmond was about an hour, and once we were there, we filled the time with Virginia’s history:

  • The Virginia War Museum, with information about Virginia’s involvement in wars from WWII to present,
  • The Virginia State Capitol, an incredible history museum, and
  • Jefferson Davis’s Home and capitol of the confederacy (no pictures allowed in the home, unfortunately).

We had a full day before heading back to Williamsburg, dinner, and bed. An early night because we left the hotel at a very, very early time to head to the airport.

Pictures from the War Museum


Examining war memorabilia

Examining war memorabilia


Wall of names, Virginians who died in modern wars

Wall of names, Virginians who died in modern wars


photo 3

photo 1a

Pictures from the state capitol

Outside the capitol

Outside the capitol


photo 1e

Statuary outside the capitol

Statuary outside the capitol


photo 3d

Jefferson-life sized

Jefferson-life sized


Washington "reviewing the troops"

Washington “reviewing the troops”


photo 2d

photo 2c

photo 1f

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