WW-1 Institute Day 1

First, the details

1. Topic: World War 1
What were the foundational causes to the war, what led to U.S. involvement in the war, and what effect has it had on the United States?

Pre-Reading: Handout One
Optional Reading: Handout Two (5.1 Mb)
In-session Handout (names, terms, bibliography, etc.): Handout 1  (Word Doc)
Pre/Post Quiz and Writing Assessment questions: Download (Word Doc)

2. Dr. Pugach, professor emeritus of history from the University of New Mexico.

Dr. Pugach asks a question

3. 9 Members of TAH (plus Dr. Miller, history content specialist; Hart Pierce, evaluator; and yours truly)

TAH participants at the workshop

Second, quotes

A few of Dr. Pugach’s statements as he set the stage for the workshop.

  • “Wars transform our lives, particulary because they change technology.”
  • “We are the only nation that came out more powerful.”
  • “Wars have unintended consequences.”
  • “War War 1 produced a very bitter Adolph Hitler.”
  • “Wars have results, and sometimes not the result nations hope for.”
  • “The old rules of war went by the wayside.”

Third, setting the mood

“Over There”: the “theme song” for American involvement in WW-I

Fourth, more photos

We’re engaged in learning!

Dr. Miler listens to great questions.

(Yes, I realize that I’m a lousy photographer.)

Don’t you wish you were here?

Stay tuned for events in the spring semester. We’ll have another 2-day institute, plus an additional event–both just for TAH participants. If you wish to be invited, join the “TAH 50

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