Washington D.C. 2012-Day 5

Thursday was an amazing day, in the midst of many amazing days!

Our one event for the day was to tour the battlefields of Gettysburg. We headed north out of Washington D.C. for Gettysburg and had the opportunity to begin exploring the visitor center before taking a guided riding/walking tour of key battle sites.

We look very little next to this cannon!

Our guide, clearly, was both knowledgeable about the battles at Gettysburg and enthusiastic about sharing that knowledge. We hopped out of the bus at several key points and received history lessons that were part factual explanations (of the “X number of soldiers fought here” sort) and part narrative story (of the “visualize this while I describe what happened and why” sort).

The events were “brought to life” as we explored the terrain, saw how battles unfolded, and learned how strategy and geography worked together and in conflict.

After lunch, we had an extended time to explore the education center and strengthen our understanding of not only the battle of Gettysburg but also the factors and events that led to the battle, as well as the significance of the battle in the course of the Civil War.

I think we all left Gettysburg with a much stronger knowlege of, and appreciation for, the Civil War and the role Gettysburg played.

Day 6: White House Visitor Center, Museum of American History

Day 5: Gettysburg

Day 4: Library of Congress, Bureau of Indian Education, Indian Education Policy

Day 3: Mt. Vernon

Day 2: Supreme Court, Capitol Education Center, National Archives, Monument Tour

Day 1: Arrival, Orientation, On-our-own tour of the National Mall

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