Inviting Teachers and Schools to Participate

The Four Corners Teaching American History (4-C TAH) project, administered by the Educator Support Center of Farmington Municipal Schools, is looking for 50 teachers. Our grant proposal calls for 50 teachers to form a cohort of history teachers / learners in school year 2012–2013.

We want your teachers in “the 50”!

We are looking for teachers across Aztec, Bloomfield, Central, and Farmington districts.  This is for classroom teachers only, not support staff, aides, etc. Our funding only supports classroom teachers. (Elementary Schools: We are also looking for school-wide integration—this means every teacher in your school can participate!)

The overarching goals of the 4-C TAH are to
1. Enhance K-12 teachers’ knowledge of American history,
2. Improve K-12 teachers’ abilities to teach American history, and
3. Create a “community of learners” focused on American history.

LEARN MORE: To learn, contact me, David Bowman, of the Educator Support Center, at 505-603-3411 or by e-mail at

SIGN UP: Your teachers can directly sign up here:

HOW TEACHERS BENEFIT: Teachers will receive free professional development and resources to enhance their history instruction, including

  • Seminars and workshops on historical topics, eras, and events;
  • Workshops on teaching history;
  • Chautauquas (re-enactments of historical figures);
  • Special one- and two-day trips to historical sites and workshops;
  • TAH Monthly newsletter of resources, strategies, and upcoming opportunities;
  • Access to the Private cohort page on the TAH blog, which contains unique resources; and
  • Lesson plans.

Teachers in “the 50” will also participate in the project evaluation, helping to determine changes in students’ knowledge of history.

What does this cost the teachers? Nothing.
What does this cost the school? Nothing.

We’re serious about enhancing teachers’ abilities and knowledge of history, and about helping children to learn about history. 

Now, the small print:

1. Level of Involvement:
All participation in TAH events and services is voluntary, of course. However, our evaluation calls for teachers to attend 75% of activities, and we’ll encourage teachers to meet this objective. Activities we’re currently planning include 6 Chautauquas, 2 mini-institutes on historical periods and strategies for teaching history, and 2 trips to historical sites within the region. We will host other opportunities, too, but they will not fall in the schedule of expected activities.

2. Timeline to Sign Up:

We will keep accepting participants as long as needed to reach 50. However, we would like as many teachers as possible by the end of August.

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