Washington D.C. 2012-Day 3

On Day three of the “Freedom Trail” trip to Washington D.C., we headed out to Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home. Following a film about George Washington at the education center, teachers headed off to explore the estate.

TAH teachers getting instructions and schedules for the day, with Washington’s home in the background

Washington’s home was really interesting with its many small rooms, smaller and more plentiful than I had expected, but I was most fascinated by all the other structures on the estate: Blacksmith shop, slave quarters, greenhouse, washroom, storage buildings, livery, and many more.

I was impressed by the fact that Mount Vernon wasn’t just a home–it was a small community. It wasn’t just a house and land–it was an enterprise.

George Washington proved himself an astute ecologist, as well. We learned about, and saw, “live fences” made from carefully planted trees, Washington’s use of crop rotation, forest paths, and nursuries of fruit trees that would be replanted elsewhere.

One interesting fact I didn’t know: George Washington made a substantial income selling wheat to European nations and the West Indies.

Day 6: White House Visitor Center, Museum of American History

Day 5: Gettysburg

Day 4: Library of Congress, Bureau of Indian Education, Indian Education Policy

Day 3: Mt. Vernon

Day 2: Supreme Court, Capitol Education Center, National Archives, Monument Tour

Day 1: Arrival, Orientation, On-our-own tour of the National Mall

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